Eileen Starr Moderbacher


© 2011 Eiileen Starr Moderbacher

Born in Chicago, becoming a career woman in the sixties, and achieving success as a graphic designer in places as far reaching as Austria, Eileen’s art has always reflected the tone of the most current chapter in her storied life

A while ago, Eileen and her husband were victims of awful real estate fraud, a situation which had a massive impact on their lives. Although they are now slowly recovering, Eileen’s work, as always, reflects her journey

It is interesting to note that nowhere in these works is there a horizon line, an absence surely telling of the lack of stability in Eileen’s life at the time

“This series came out of a period of financial struggle and transient living quarters. In making these works, I noticed I was particularly comforted by the white spaces around the objects, almost as if the white spaces were where I could curl up and feel safe, like feeling I was home."

Through her art, Eileen was able to find a nurturing home environment... even though it was only on paper.

© 2011 Eileen Starr Moderbacher